Apartment rental danang in Son Tra, Vietnam


ID: #3006
Price: 850 $
Location:Son Tra District

Apartment rental danang is located in Son Tra district, Vietnam. It includes 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen and 2 bathrooms. Especially, the apartment has a terrace where you can enjoy Dragon Bridge view. Land area: 75sqm. The rental: 850$/month.

Apartment rental danang has modern equipment

The apartment has a nice design. The equipment is completely new and modern. 

To begin with, you can view the living room as the picture below. It is in a small space, but very nice. The owner has equipped a soft sofa with a high white table. Besides, there is a picture on the wall. It has modern amenities like flat TV and AC. Moreover, there is a nice small flowerpot on the table. So, it makes the space more lovely. 

Apartment rental danang

The next side is the kitchen. It has full cooking devices. In addition, a dining table is set up for 4 people having meals together. The light system in the kitchen space is so romantic.

Apartment rental danang

The apartment has 2 bedrooms. In fact, they have a really good decoration. There is full set of beds, covers, mattress and blankets in white. You will feel cool when sleeping here as it has AC. Both of the bedrooms have nice lamp tables. As the result, it brings a special atmosphere. 

Apartment rental danang

The bathroom is so nice as well. There is a shower-taking area designed with a glass door. Also, it has a mirror inside the bathroom. 

Apartment rental danang

Apartment rental danang is a perfect place to stay

You will extremely satisfy when staying here. As the design is really perfect. It looks like a mini hotel. Especially, it is an ideal place for those who love sightseeing. With the terrace, you can see the Dragon Bridge and river. Besides, you can use this area to lay a table with some chairs and enjoy your time. The rental: 850$/ month.

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General amenities

  • Air conditioning
  • Bedding
  • Cable TV
  • Fridge
  • Internet