Rental house Da Nang, Hai Chau, Vietnam


ID: #3000
Price: 660 $
Location:Hai Chau District

The house is located in the city center, Hai Chau district, Danang, Vietnam. The rental house Da Nang has the medium area, land area: 6x12m, two floors, two bedrooms, small yard, full furniture. The rental: US$660/month. 

Rental house Da Nang is lovely.

The house looks tiny with two floors, small yard for parking. The livingroom has a nice sofa and the owner will buy a new TV. Besides, there are windows which make the livingroom open.

Rental house Da Nang, Hai Chau, Vietnam The kitchen is not in large size, but having full things for cooking. There is a good fridge where could be good for a family to use. Moreover, there are a nice dinning table and chairs, so you can have a private space for having meals.

Rental house Da Nang, Hai Chau 1The whole house has two bedrooms. In that, the first bedroom which is on the ground floor is behind the kitchen. The another bedroom is on the second floor. Two bedrooms have full furniture such as: beds, mattresses, AC and wardrobes.

Rental house Da Nang, Hai Chau 2

The house has a good point is that it has a front yard. So, you can easily park your bikes. In addition, you can plant some vases of flower in the yard. This can make the livingroom much cooler. 

The whole house follows the white corlor, so it may be suitable for foreigners to stay. There is also a washer on the ground floor, and you can dry your clothers in the yard.

Rental house Da Nang looks good for foreigners to stay.

Although the house is in the small lane, it is in the quiet area and right in the city center. So, you can go to shopping centers and restaurants. The house is in a short distance to Han river and around 1,5km toward Pham Van Dong beach. Thus, this house is nice for a family of 03 members to stay. 

You can check house for rent in Danang, by looking through this link:

Da Nang house for rent, Vietnam 



General amenities

  • Air conditioning
  • Bedding
  • Cable TV
  • Fridge
  • Washing machine
  • Yard